Times Reader shines on the Tablet PC


Kevin jumped on the New York Times Reader when it was first announced and when he mentioned recently that the program had received an update and is now a public beta I decided to give it a try.  It seemed that the high resoluton screen (1280 x 768) of the Fujitsu P1610 Tablet PC would be a good fit so I installed it and have been happily reading the Times since then.  The user interface is nice as it stays totally out of the way, you just tap on an article snippet and it quickly appears.  The paging effects are not necessary but don’t detract from the performance nor the experience of reading the paper on the screen.  The photo-handling abilities of the program work well on UMPCs and other lower resolution screens as you can zoom in and out on any photo in the paper.  I especially like how the Reader reflows the page when the window size changes.  Here’s a comparison of the same page in a small window and one near full screen on the Fujitsu:


I am enjoying reading the Times every day on the Fujitsu so if you also like the Times, get the Reader, a cup of coffee, and settle in to enjoy the Times Reader.  It will be just like reading the real paper, well, except for the 2 pound electonic device in your lap.


Jon Dee

I think that the Times Reader is the future for newspapers on the Internet. Once you’ve read it for a few days, you simply cannot go back to the boring html version.

Is anyone aware of the technology that they’re using to make this? What software are they backending this with?

Also I like the fact that you can ink notes on to a page and then e-mail it to someone.

Best regards,

Jon Dee, Australia

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