German DVD Casual Gaming Firm Sofatronic Gets Funding

This is an interesting intermediate idea, though not sure if you can build a company based on this: Sofatronic, a Hamburg, Germany-based developer of casual games that can be played on standard DVD players, has received venture funding from Neuhaus Partners.
The games are Flash based, and there’s is no need for a new remote control or embedded software in the DVD hardware. Sofatronic was founded early this year by a team that previously founded mobilephone games studio Elkware, which was acquired by Infospace for $26 million at the end of 2004.
The VC in the investment blogs about the deal here: “These are very simple games, but they allow for easy tie-in’s into (TV) gameshow-based games or other reality shows, etc…For me, the whole tie-in opportunity is what makes this most interesting in my eyes.”