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Google Settles Dispute With Two Belgian Media Groups; Denmark Delay

Google has reached a settlement with Belgian photographers and journalists in a copyright dispute over how Google News links to newspaper content…this means two of five groups are out from a Brussels lawsuit that seeks to prevent Google from linking to Belgian newspaper articles for free. The terms of the agreements with copyright agencies Sofam, which represents 3,700 photographers, and Scam, which represents journalists, were not disclosed.
The suit, filed by a group of 17 French- and German-language newspapers in Belgium, proceeded today in Brussels at a hearing with the remaining plaintiffs. The Brussels court on Sept. 5 ordered Google to remove Google News links to the newspapers or face a 1 million Euro daily fine. Google complied on Sept. 18.
IDG: The company was forced to put on hold the launch of its Google News Web site in Denmark last week after newspapers there demanded a system that would allow them to “opt in” to Google’s service, rather than having their content trawled automatically. And a Norwegian media group has written to the search giant, objecting to the way that Google posts thumbnails of its members’ news photos.