Forget shopping; Zune hacks are easier to find than PS3s


Zune_2Why stand in line for hopes of getting what you want? I say stay at home and look at the Zune hacks out there; they’re free and one definitely makes the Zune a more compelling device.

First up is the important usage of Zune as an external hard drive, which is standard on the iPod and should have been included functionality out of the box. MAKE has info on the simple process to update your host PC registry so that you can use the Zune as a hard drive. I’ll likely do this to extend the functionality of the 30 GB hard drive.

Next is a labor intensive way to bypass the DRM when sharing tracks via the Zune’s built in WiFi. I’m not so impressed with this and don’t see the need, so I won’t be doing this. Basically, if you employ the first hack above, you can change the file extensions of audio tracks prior to sending them. The recipient has to use the same registry hack and then manually change the extension back. Too much work for me; besides, I have no Zune friends yet.


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