Cy-Fair High School advances to next playoff round


Another weekend, another round of the Texas High School Football playoffs have come and gone.  I am very happy to report that our Cy-Fair Bobcats defeated the Lamar Redskins 29-7 and now progress to the next round of the playoffs.  I have posted links to videos of star running back Sam McGuffie depicting a few of his masterful plays but don’t have any this week.  The Lamar defense did as good a job containing Sam as any team this year and the result was a "poor" performance of only 195 yards, one of his lowest rushing totals all year.  As always, Sheri and I are both very proud of Cy-Fair starting center, MIchael Castillo, and Sheri was able to capture this photo of son Michael when he appeared on the Jumbotron at Reliant Stadium:


Go Bobcats!  BFND



Did you go to cy-fair. You know my graduating class was over 1,000 kids. And it was also held at the reliant stadium. I had no idea you lived around here I check your site every chance I get. Im all into UMPC. I had the u71 sold it. now my dad has the oqo. let me know if theres any news on the oqo 3 if has cell phone capabilities or not. Nice talking to ya James take it easy. Bobcat fight never dies.

Cody Green 04'

Hey I played on their football team from 04″-06″ broke my leg though. James are you from Cy-fair. I like down huffmeister around the new Goodson Jr. high

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