Freeware of the Moment- Ink Search Tool


So you have a Tablet PC and would like to search using Google and wish there was a search tool that let you ink your search term.  You are not alone and Ed Holloway has got your back with our Freeware of the Moment- Ink Search Tool.  The tool is super easy to use, just install it and click on the icon in the Quick Launch bar.  A search term entry window appears, you ink in your search term and away you go.  There is a text correction window should your ink be misrecognized.  The tool is in beta so if you have problems be sure and let Ed know.



Ed Holloway

Thanks for the link! Hope you are enjoying the app.

There are quite a few differences between my app and the powertoy, including:
-Better recognition than the powertoy (New ink analysis API)
-Larger ink area
-Ability to select alternate recognized words
-Ability to correct recognition errors
-Gesture support
-Modern GUI look

Hope this helps.



What’s the major difference between the Ink Search Tool and the Web Search Power Tool for Tablet PCs from Microsoft?

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