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Ericsson And Sony Expand Partnership, Predict Mobile TV Boom In 2008

Ericsson and Sony have expanded their partnership to include mobile TV and broadband TV, reports Reuters. They demo’d some solutions, which I think they’ll be selling to telcos and other companies interested in offering mobile (and/or broadband) TV. TelecomAsia focused on some quotes by an Ericsson executive seeing a mass market for mobile TV in two years.
“About one third of the world’s mobile phone users will regularly be watching TV broadcasts on their handsets in two years, which will open up lucrative industries for both content producers and network distributors, said Per Nordlof, Ericsson’s director of product strategy”. A lot of people would consider a third of the global market of mobile phones users (over 600 million) as regular mobile TV viewers by 2008 to be incredibly optimistic, and I’m one of them.
As to the actual partnership, ITWire writes: “It plays to the strength of both companies,” Eric Siereveld, Sony Europe’s director of professional solutions, was reported saying. He claimed Ericsson was the lead supplier of mobile TV networks, while Sony has a lead in TV receiving equipment”.