Black Friday is Red at the Apple store



Apple is starting off the holiday shopping season with their version of Black Friday. Figuring that not everyone can get to an Apple store (or folks just don’t want to battle crowds at the Genius Bar), they’ve got a one day online sale going on today. I woke up to an e-mail early this morning with the news; just what exactly was Steve Jobs doing up at 3:35 a.m. this morning? His early to rise approach can net you some good on-line deals.

That Intel Core 2 Duo Mac Book I’ve been lusting after is $101 off today; hey Santa, I’ve been a good little mobile-blogger, whaddya say? Anyway, just about everything from iPods to iMacs to headphones is off-price. Wow! Even the Shure headphones are on sale, which would be great for my Zune! Oh, just kidding Stevie, I’d ONLY use them in my iPod nano….shure I would.


Dave Zatz

The discounts on non-Apple stuff isn’t so great. You can often find those prices, or better, at other online retailers. The free shipping is a bonus though. Then again, I have Amazon Prime.

I learned my lesson… this was the first nd last time I try shopping at a Brick & Mortar on Black Friday. There’s no way to get the good deals unless you get there hours early and are comfortable trampling people to save a few bucks.

Marc Orchant

Hi Kevin. Happy Black Friday!

I picked up a .Mac subscription for me and a copy of Photoshop Elements for my wife’s iMac from the Apple online sale (you won’t catch me anywhere near a store today!). Total savings was about $60.00. Not bad. Beats braving the crowds (at the Apple Store or anywhere else today).

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