Bell, CableCo Turf Wars & The Poor Customer

The New York Times has a hilarious tale of turf wars between phone companies and cable companies reaching new ridiculous heights. Both sides are pointing fingers at each other, bemoaning that their rivals are damaging their equipment and causing service problems.

In Phoenix for example, Qwest charges that Cox Communications’ technicians left a hole in the telephone box, which allowed Bees to make a hive and has caused problems. Cox counters by saying that Qwest is using their conduits, cutting cables and other such cheap tricks. They have photos to prove it.

The root of the problem is that the phone companies are losing phone customers to cable companies in ever increasing numbers, and are complaining bitterly. I am sure when cable companies lose video customers, they are going to be equally bitter.

Still, the story managed to ignore the customers, and how they really feel about this growing pettiness. The bickering between the two camps, cut cables, and other such cheap tricks in the end cause most inconvenience to customers, the same sucker who ends up paying for these pranks and business tactics. My inner cynic says – so what’s new!