Widget Help For The Day After Thanksgiving


There are two things that the day after Thanksgiving is famous for: leftovers and shopping. I don’t know about you, but I look forward to the leftovers more than the 4am shopping sprees; however, I will be heading over to my local Apple store today to check out their Black Friday sale.

But in the spirit of the day after Thanksgiving (does anyone else think this should be a formally recognized holiday?), I’ve compiled a list of my favorite widgets that might come in handy today.


  • Epicurious Widget – The Epicurious widget provides you with easy access to thousands of recipes from Epicurious. My personal recommendation for leftovers tonight: Turkey Croquettes.
  • DashCookDashCook continues to offer ideas for new cooking adventures via RSS Feeds, with the added possibility to specify on the flip-side a specific cuisine/theme (Desserts, French, Indian, Italian, LowCarbs Mexican, Vegan, …) for the daily recipes appearing in the widget. The widget also contains a search box that provides recipe results from AllRecipes.com.
  • Egg Timer Widget – After you’ve found that perfect leftover recipe you’ll need to make sure you don’t burn it. That’s where EggTimer 2 comes in. It only does one thing, but it does it well.


  • Woot Widget – For anyone addicted to Woot like I am, this widget lets you check out the day’s Woot at a glance. I have already snagged a few gifts this year after seeing that perfect gift – courtesy of the Woot Widget.
  • Personal WishlistPersonal Wishlist is a service that I’ve tried out for the first time this year, but so far I like it. Personal Wishlist is a free personal wishlist or gift registry service “where you can create your own custom wishlist and add wishes from any store in a single place.” Most registries, like Amazon’s, only let you create a list using products from their site. But at WishCentral you can create a wishlist from any number of online or offline stores. The widget allows you to simply type in what you want, and automatically adds the text to your Personal Wishlist. You can add a URL or additional details if you want (like priority, cost, or category) and then email your wishlist to your contact. You wish… they buy!
  • DealMac Widget – What shopping trip would be complete without a trip to DealMac? This widget streams the latest deals from dealmac, dealnews, dealram, dealcoupon and dealcam. You can view specific RSS feeds and even filter deals based on keywords you don’t want to see.

Hopefully these little widgets will help you slip into another Tryptophan coma today, but I think after waking up at 4am for that sale at Nordstrom you won’t have a tough time falling asleep.



Dave Teare

> does anyone else think this should be a
> formally recognized holiday?

Yes! But I suppose it is a holiday for most anyway – they just call it a a sick day :)

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