Nokia Offers Mobile App Throttling

Nokia has launched a series of tools to help operators “throttle bandwidth hungry applications such as VoIP and peer to peer file sharing over the mobile internet”. Nokia makes a comparison with fixed line broadband providers, who complain that some people use an excessive amount of bandwidth and network capacity, which ruins the experience for everyone. It doesn’t really hold up as an analogy, since Nokia’s tools work on applications and services rather than users. “Roberto Loiola, vice president of marketing and sales for networks at Nokia said “the solution gives operators the means to apply their business models by prioritising the traffic of preferred services and partners, maximise their return on network investment, and avoid becoming only bit pipes for other content providers”.
Sara Harris, senior industry analyst at Strategy Analytics, points out that it’s a bit too soon to be worry about this because of the high cost of downloading data — but there’s a few carriers offering unlimited downloads, and it looks like the industry is moving in that direction. (press release)


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