Give Thanks for Being a Web Worker

We’re celebrating Thanksgiving today in the U.S., but even if you’re not, any day’s a good day to feel thankful. Cultivating an attitude of gratitude can make you happier. So join with me in thinking about how your life is made better by web work.

Don’t worry about how you look. On the web, no one knows when you’re having a bad hair day, have bags under your eyes from a late night out, or just decided not to shower. Unless they want to do a video conference. D’oh!

Wear your slippers to work
. Does anyone actually work in their pajamas? I’ll do a bit of surfing in the morning in my bathrobe, but for my real work, I get dressed. My feet, though, stay in their cozy shearling-lined scuffs all day long. They look enough like real shoes that I could wear them to the nearest wi-fi cafe and sometimes I have, by accident.

Visit a new “place” every day
. I don’t know the last time I went an entire 24 hours without hearing about a new web service or site I’d like to check out. The explosion of human creativity on the web keeps things fresh and exciting.

Get your mind opened, forcibly sometimes
. It’s hard to spend much time on the web and not have your ideas or work exposed, sometimes painfully, to scrutiny. This can be a great chance to learn and grow, if you can work through the discomfort. Check out Pamela Slim’s Give yourself permission to suck or Kathy Sierra’s The Clueless Manifesto if the potential for criticism slows you down.

Work with whomever you want, no matter where they are
. Despite the noise about San Francisco being the only place to be to get in on the latest web bubble, the truth is that there are smart and driven people all around the globe working on new things in the new ways the web enables. Of course there are still language and cultural barriers as well as real obstacles to making virtual teams effective, but it’s getting easier all the time to work productively and connect meaningfully across time zones and oceans.

Wishing you a day of gratefulness, wherever you are.


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