Free TiVo and other Thanksgiving Shopping Tips


Okay, atleast in the US, the shopping madness is about to kick off. I got a few tips emailed to me in case you are interested. (I will update the post, as I hear about more interesting gizmo/broadband deals.

  • You can get a free TiVo Series2 (80 hours) device as part of a special promotion by the company, if you sign up for their service plan. Your other options are 80-hr TiVo Series2 Dual Tuner for $69.99 and the 180-hr TiVo Series2 DT DVR for $169.99 after rebate and service activation.
  • Heading to Circuit City? You will be able to pick up a $200 gift card that can be applied to Vonage-ready devices, but only if you sign-up for a one year service.
  • Lastly, you can get the new Palm Treo 680 for $199.99 if you sign-up with Cingular Wireless.


    hi om — just a clarification on the circuit city promotion: customers sign a one-year contract and in return they receive a free Linksys PAP2 and a $200 circuit city gift card for use on anything in the store, not just Vonage hardware (but you could use it for that if you wanted an extra Vonage box instead of an iPod nano). The promotion ends December 2, 2006.

    Jason Coleman

    Thanks for the TIVO tip. I’ve been considering getting a DVR and was about to go with the one Comcast offers. I’ve heard TIVO is much better, so it’s nice that it is affordable too.

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