Zyb adds Google calendar synching with cell phones


Zyb_google_calendarWe covered Zyb earlier in August; this is the free service that backs up your cellular phone contacts and works with over 200 mobile phone models. Zyb solves the problem of moving all your contacts from one phone to another which is tedious when done manually or costly if you ask your carrier to do it. We just received an e-mail from Zyb’s marketing department indicating that they now offer Google Calendar synchronization, something we’re often asked about here as more folks adopt Google for their appointments.

I should point out that the current solution is a one-way synch, meaning that you can pull in your Google Calendar items to your cell, but you can’t yet push items from your cell to your Google Calendar. According to the note from Zyb, they’re working on a two-way synch solution. If you’re a heavy G-Cal user looking to get your appointments on a standard mobile phone, this might work for you.

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