Xbox Live Videos: and you thought the Vista download was big!



So I dropped $25.00 in Microsoft funny money, aka: XBox Points, and browsed through the Xbox Live Video selections. Regular readers know I’m a high-def television addict, so I bypassed all of the SD movies and television eps. 480 points netted me the right to download a 6 GB file and the ability to watch the movie one time within a 14-day period. For comparison, the Vista RTM download was 2.6 GB! Basically, I just paid $6.00 to spend all day downloading a high-def movie. I’ll do a follow up later to discuss the time it took to get the movie but I’m certain I won’t be watching this today as my Xbox 360 connects to my wireless network; it’s not wired unfortunately.

Why is this mobile tech related? Is it? I say it is and here’s why: some of the best "mobile tech" is when tech comes to you. In this case, I don’t have to go to Blockbuster or Wal-Mart to buy or rent a movie in the HD-DVD or Blu-Ray format, nor do I have to spend $200 to $1,000 for another piece of hardware to play the movie. Yes, I know that Neflix offers high-def content now, but I’d rather not add a new subscription to my budget just yet.

There’s another reason too. Although I originally didn’t plan to buy a Zune, I’m reconsidering. I know the official Microsoft statement is that you can’t currently move content from your Xbox 360 to a Zune, but I find it hard to believe that Microsoft won’t take advantage of the Zune’s 3-inch QVGA screen for video placeshifting. I suspect (*strictly opinion*), that we’ll see a firmware update to the Zune and the 360 that allows us to move video from the 360 to the Zune. The Xbox Live Video marketplace could effectively combat the iTunes Movies and TV offerings. Would I want to watch a full two-hour movie on a 3-inch screen? No, but I could catch up on some television episodes in 43 minutes with a quick re-encoding of the video down to 320 x 240.

Just for kicks, I’m including this picture of the Xbox Live Video dashboard so you can see how it looks. Before anyone asks, this set is a 60-inch Sony SXRD high-def television, or what I like to call "the largest external monitor in my house for my Samsung Q1 UMPC". Yes, it has a VGA input. ;)



William Ko

I woke up this morning to find an incomplete 6.1 GB file on my 360. I called customer support and they are aware of an issue and will refund the MS points in 6-8 business days, such BS! Definitely, not downloading again until they fix their issue.

Kevin – Did you get your file successfully?

Ben Drawbaugh

Wow Kevin you finaly bought your SXRD congratulations!

Nice job on the write up, I look forward to hearing how it compares to HD DVD movies on the 360.

Kevin C. Tofel

I’m strictly comapring two file sizes from the same company; that’s the only comparison I’m making here. I think it’s important for people to realize the amount of storage space required for a high-def movie, and therefore the amount of time it will take to download.

Tablet PC User


Why compare an OS to a HD Movie? I don’t see the comparison since they are used for different purposes. That’s like comparing my car to my fridge because they are both white!

I’m hoping that MS allows the Zune to download the movies/TV shows. It would make my life A LOT easier!


How much will it cost for you to let the XBox360 run allday?

I think ISP’s are not ready for HD downloadable content just yet. For this technology to be mature you need to be able to watch the movie while you are downloading it.

Btw, You’ll love V for Vendetta, it’s a great movie.

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