Times Reader beta gets an update


Times_reader_2Earlier this month, the Times Reader beta was upgraded to v to address some issues including a conflict with Norton Internet Security. Apparently, the conflict caused sychronization issues; since I use Microsoft OneCare, I didn’t see the issue. There are additional bug-fixes, but nothing major. I wanted to mention this in case people didn’t realize that the Times Reader beta is an open beta. You can sign up and download the excellent reader application for the New York Times paper. If you’re not the adventurous, beta-type, that’s fine too; I have a video demonstration of using the Times Reader on a touchscreen UMPC with Vista for your reading, er, viewing pleasure.


Anton P. Nym

Yeah, TR pushed me that update right when it came out. Here I was thinking that the reason it wouldn’t synch was because I wasn’t a subscriber or was outside the US or something like that… and it was just a plain ol’ beta issue.

Now that it’s fixed, I love it. I have to be careful not to leave it open when I put my Q1 on “Standby” (as it’s waaaaaaay slow to resume when I do) and it’s quite RAM hungry if anything else is running too (admittedly because I have a bog-standard Q1) but otherwise it’s a treat.

— Steve

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