Newspaper Ad Revenues Fall For The First Time In Two Years

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So says a Newspaper Association of America review, which began measuring combines print and online revenues since 2004: Combined print and online ad revenue at U.S. newspapers slid 1.5 percent to $11.8 billion in Q3, hurt by falling automobile and help-wanted classified sales (pretty much what Yahoo warned about earlier this year). This drop follows several quarters of small gains in ad spending.
Print editions accounted for most of the spending at $11.1 billion, a 2.6-percent drop from the same quarter a year ago. Online spending jumped 23 percent to $638 million, the 10th consecutive quarter of double-digit increases, the group said…Online made up less than 6 percent of overall spending.
More info on this on NAA website, here.

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Ashkan Karbasfrooshan

I do not, for the life of me, understand why newspapers would partner up with Google or Yahoo! and effectively strengthen them. They should be scooping up mid and small sized online businesses who themselves don't really want to fight against Y and G.

They will partner with G and Y, make them stronger while the mid and small ones continue to secure ad dollars (slowly but surely) and effectively become too expensive or bigheaded to want to sell to newspaper firms.

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