Fujitsu P1610 extended battery update


I have used the extended battery I showed on the video review all day today and am very impressed so far. This is not a scientific benchmark but I have been inking on the Fujitsu 1610 since 9 am this morning through 3 meetings and a Starbuck’s session and it’s now 3:30 pm.  The extended battery is at 19% with 58 minutes showing of battery life left. Subtract out an hour of “between meeting” time and this is one impressive battery! EV-DO was running at least half of the time, too.


Anton P. Nym

Jefferson, on my UMPC (also touch, so I imagine it’d be similar) the Writing Pad puts recognised words under the inked text, which can be corrected by tapping on the recognised word. That brings up the Character Pad and possible alternative words.

It’s still there, just a bit different to use (I guess) without the hover.

— Steve


Jefferson, to edit letters in the TIP just tap in the little box under the letter that you want to edit and the down arrow and editing window will appear in the box, you just have to know it’s there as you can’t see it without hover. It works the same anyway. Thanks for the kind words. :)

Jefferson Berlin

Hi James –

I’ve had my P1610 for about a week — and it has become my primary computer. I’ve got the extended battery, too, and find it excellent. I can’t think of a reason not to have it as it detracts hardly at all from the overall sleekness of the device. I’m delighted with the unit.

I have a question about the passive digitizer — or rather use of the pen, however, on which I hope you can shed some light or suggest a workaround: I have handwriting that not only defeats my wife, it frequently defeats the TIP as well, and I find myself needing to delete individual characters in the editing window all the time. This appears to be no longer possible as the dropdown under each character seems to be hover-enabled only. Is this correct? Or is there a setting I’ve overlooked? Or a workaround?

I’ll also be interested to hear how quickly you Vista-ize your P1610. I tried to do this right out of the box, but immediately ran into trouble with the pen tracking around the edges of the device, and of course the lack of drivers for things like the fingerprint reader. It sure looked good for a few minutes though! I re-imaged the hard drive and I’m back with XP, but boy, a taste of Vista….

Thanks for the tremendous work you guys do here and on your podcasts.

Dan Carter


Thanks to you and Rob, all my questions about this unit have been answered. I was most interested in the size and life of the extended battery. Seems the extended battery size is more advantage than drawback. Good news.

As much as I want this unit, I’m going to wait until the early adopter’s honeymoon period is over to make the purchase. I plan to make it my primary device, and want to see how it survives after the newness wears off.

Thanks again for your continued efforts to keep us informed.

Joshua A. Hall

Think of the weight (Battery Geek 2.5 Pounds) savings and productivity booster ( not having to plug into Battery Geek) this will allow.

Also, if you decide to go with this machine( Fujitsu P1610d) productivity booster #2 not having to tether to PPC 6700 & #3 Having more room to see – mindmaps, outlook todo bar, and Onfolio feeds.

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