Fujitsu concept folding ultra-portable video leaked


Fujitsu is definitely pushing the limits for ultra-portable PC designs, case in point the Fujitsu P1610, a device I think is the best implementation to date of a touch-screen Tablet PC.  T3 has posted a link to a YouTube video where Fujitsu is demonstrating (briefly, alas) a concept ultra-portable that unfolds in three attached pieces to form a small PC with full size keyboard and thin screen.  Talk about origami!  Take a look at this device that T3 claims Fujitsu is currently working on to produce a real product.  Would you buy one?

Fujitsu concept PC

Thanks to reader Paul Phillips for the heads up!


Anton P. Nym

I swear I’ve seen stills of that concept before. Not video, though, so that’s nifty. (As is the apparent endorsement by lingere models…)

As much as people have been asking for an attached keyboard, I’m not certain this will fly. The screen is very small, I see very little room for input/output ports, and heat management will be an issue unless we’re talking about something more like a Windows Mobile device than a laptop.

A+ for effort, though.

— Steve


Well, I’m not sure whether to praise the product or not. I’m been moaning about the lack of keyboard on the UMPC’s for a while (this is because i want to code on the device) but i would take a keyboard-less UMPC over this design any day.

I’m going to praise fujitsu for attempting to be origami at heart. It seems though that their intention was to focus on function rather than style (even so i will pick up flaws in the apparent functionality of this device) and in doing so they have made a usable yet ugly machine. Taking onboard the fact that this prototype is proberbly made out of nothing more than suger i am going to reserve judgment on style at the mo because i’m sure the designers can make some glossy panels for it or something that will really spice it up.

This device looks to me like it’s designed for someone in their business environment, perhaps a sales executive or someone who is always on the go. The reason why i say business is because it looks like it’s designed to be a laptop replacment. The reason why i get this vibe is soley because of the flip screen. I personally love clamshell designes for there benifit of being able to protect the screen when the device is closed. Unfortunaly it will be very difficault to tap on a screen that is virticle and has no support (i.e you tap it and it tilts back a little more which will get really annoying (of course they would get it to lock at 180 degrees or else it would be silly). Also the screen won’t be supported be the users hand so would feel flimsy and breakable at the hindge when tapping). I believe that this design has no way of implimenting a touch screen feature for practicle use and if the intention is to not have a touchscreen then it cannot truely be a UMPC as this is one of the requirements. Another qalm i have with the screen is the fact that it’s going feel very awkward to use the device when it’s being carried in a crowded place. Mobile phones are pretty small and light. this means that if someone knocks your clamshell design phone it will more than likely just get dropped. Providing that it dosen’t get troddon on then it’s normally ok. This things screen panel however looks so thin i’d be afraid for someone to knock the screen in case it gets ripped off it’s hinges. Remember that the device is a lot bigger than a mobile phone so will likely get knocked in your hand as it’s a bigger target. Imagine picking up an email on this thing and standing in a crowded hallway, elevator or in a supermarket. Of course you open the device to look at your email, after all this is the reason why you have a portable device. Someone knocks into the opened screen and it breaks from it’s hinge, failing that it travels to the floor and then lands one the screen panel which can break the hinge. The only way i can see this problem being sorted out whould be to have the screen rotate somehow and sit back on the device facing the user. that way it’s easier to use as a touch screen as the users hand is able to support the taps and the sreen panel is much safer from being ripped off.

Another thing i dislike is the way the screen is positioned to the left of the keyboard. I know it’s a little thing and that it’s proberbly something many people could proberbly get used to but the thought bothers me. The keyboard should be positioned to the center of the screen as it has been for PC’s for generations. The reason i think this will be a problem is for people like me who have never learned to touch type. I can imagine myself looking at the keyboard working away at a long email or post (just like this one :-) )and glancing up to look at the screen only to realise it’s to the left of my perfectly centered keyboard. people might not have this problem but i predict it being marginally irritating. I appreciate that this might be difficault to impliment as it would mean that the screen panel would need to slide somehow and of course the more moving parts there are the more things there are to break. But i really want it to slide and hopefully there are others out there that want the same thing so we can get some innovation going in this area in order to find a solution ;-). Also the fact that the screen would be in the center would make the whole device look a lot neater when it’s opened. at the moment it looks like a net for a cardboard box.

If they could make a device that was more media centralised too i.e a wider screen and good speakers (i can’t think of a way of this being achieved and i’m reaching the end of my lunch break (which btw i’ve spent the whole of typing this out lol) so i don’t have too much time to think about it) This will also mean that it will need to look good. This device looks ok as a tool but thats all it is, it’s not something that executives are going to purchase for themselves when there are other devices out there with keyboards and a small form facter that look a whole lot better.

Anyway. If you got board at reading this and skipped to the end then the answer in short is no. I would not purchase this device for the above mentioned reasons which i have written for you to read at your leisure.

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