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CBS Clips On YouTube Enhancing TV Ratings In A Month?

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Must be the slow Thanksgiving week: CBS issued a release today with some of its YouTube clips viewing numbers, which while heartening in some of the numbers it portrays, is what I call “reductive speculation”. The way the release is structured it is meant to imply that since CBS clips officially went onto YouTube, the “Late Show with David Letterman” has added 200,000 (+5%) new viewers while “The Late Late Show with Craig Ferguson” is up 100,000 viewers (+7%). Right.
Anyway, the news part in there: CBS clips are doing well on YouTube…it has uploaded more than 300 clips that averaged about 850,000 views per day in the first month. About 20,000 users subscribing to CBS programming on YouTube since the channel launch last month. Good to hear and let’s just stick to that for now.

3 Responses to “CBS Clips On YouTube Enhancing TV Ratings In A Month?”

  1. Rafat Ali

    It is a substantial increase, which is why I would like a more researched explanation: what was the jump for the same period for the last few years? Did back to school have any effect, one way or the other? On the other hand, how to the CBS clip numbers in YouTube compare to other TV networks on there? Etc..

  2. 5% and 7% are substancial increases. SOMETHING must have happened for that jump.

    I would like to know how that compared to viewrship across the rest of the network, and across other shows in that timeslot.

    My own experience – I never even heard of Stephen Colbert before I saw him on Google Video, then YouTube. Now I watch his show multiple times a week. For me, the online to offline translated well.