Black Friday Apple Sale


Ready. Set. Shop.

Just a quick reminder. Don’t forget about Apple’s special one-day shopping event with tons of killer deals and free shipping for all good boys and girls.

I know I won’t even think about stepping foot near any retail store on Friday, but I might make use of some sweet online deals. Do you usually take advantage of the deals on Black Friday?



What a load of rubbish. Less than 5% off and still charging 17.5% VAT so hardly a mind numbing sale?


I really hoping that the ipod touches will be discounted on black friday too, if any one heres of it plz notify or contact me plz n thx.


I want aN ipod 160 gig, and i have the money, just want to save. id say no more than 5% off because they are making enough money with the fixed prices, so wh go down near the holidays when they are selling fine? well, i still hope they do, but dont give your hopes up.

Aaron in Raleigh

I was told personally that the Apple store cannot do the education discount. It’s only available online. I’d call the store to clarify before going.

Chris J

To be honest I personaly wouldnt have a clue I’m wondering about the reductions will it be like 5%? i.e. not really worth bothering for low priced items? I want an 80Gb Ipod I wonder what kind of saving I should expect. hmmmm :/


Can you use the Education or Company discount in store too on Black Friday?

Michael Clark

I’m really really hoping the newest MacBook Pros will be discounted. I don’t want to have to wait for them to start showing up in the Apple refurbished store.

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