jkOnTheRun Audio Edition #28- Fujitsu P1610 video review



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For the bandwidth-conscious, there’s a low-res version too. (WMV format, 320 x 240, 94 MB).

Jk_icon_medium_3Hold your horses!  Before you get all excited because you missed show #27 just hold on and listen a minute.  It seems that running off the production crew in show #25 was a very bad move on my part and although this would be show #27 it’s labeled all over as show #28.  It really is show #27 so you haven’t missed a thing, just pretend the last show was #27 and everything will be all right.

This show is a video overview of the new Fujitsu P1610 Tablet PC and I think once you’ve seen this baby in action you’ll see why I like it so much.  It’s a mini-Tablet PC with an 8.9" touchscreen displaying 1280 x 768 and in the video you’ll see why it provides a complete Tablet PC experience without an active digitizer.  You’ll also see the first look at the port replicator and extended battery that provides 6 hours of ink time.


Enjoy the show and leave us some feedback about the Fujitsu.

Special thanks to Allegiance Technology Partners for supplying me with the review unit used in this video.  Visit their web site and see all the Tablety goodness they offer!

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Thanks so much for your GREAT blog. Is there smoe way to support you in your noble efforts (EG do you have an arrangement with a particular dealer)? I’ve just ordered a P1610 thanks to you and GottaBeMobile.

Rodney Jackson

Hi James, thanks for this review. Could you post pics of the Tc1100, the P1610, & the Q1 side by side, both indoors and then outdoors in the shade, & then in direct sunlight with the same picture on all 3 screens at max brightness settings?
Thanks for all you do. I have a Tc1100, thanks to your blog. Regards, Rodney.


Hi James,

Happy Thanksgiving and congratulations on a the captivating Video Review of the Fujitsu P1610. I was excited to learn that the internal mic of the p1610 might be good enough for speech recognition. For me that would be the deciding factor to make that my next tablet pc. I am a firm believer and user of speech recognition. I have used voice recognition before on the Motion M1400, the Toshiba M200, the LS800, and the Motion LE1600. By far the best internal mics I have used so far are the Motion LE1600 array mics which was much more responsive and accurate than even the LS800. I am curretnly using the LE1600 with Dragon Professional 9 and it works flawlessly (about 98% accuracy)in a somewhat quiet environment. I oftentimes do dictation while watching TV with the volume down a little. What I found with Dragon 9 is that it works best when you use complete sentences. After dictation the sentence almost instantaneously appears on the screen.

How accurate and responsive in your estimation is the Fujitsu P1610 internal mic for use with speech recognition and the Intellisonic array software? I would really appreciate any info that you can give.

Thanks so much.


Mike, duh! Now that I’ve played with it today you’re right, the device must be operand to remove the battery.


Blame it on the poor lighting in my “studio”. The screen is as bright as theQ1, if not a bit brighter. Both are much brighter than the tc1100,something I find is always the case when comparing a touchscreen to an active digitizer device.


Great show. The screen looks a bit dim and washed out in the video. How is the P1610 screen compares with that of Samsung Q1 or TC1100? Thanks.

Rob Bushway

enjoyed the video, James. good focus on applications and the benefits the higher resolution offers.

You sold me on the extended battery – gonna order an extended battery from alltp to go along with my p1610.

Totally agree with your assessment – best ultra portable tablet pc I’ve used yet. In fact, I think I like it more than the tc1100 because of the touch enhancements.


Great 1610 video. Thanks.
I have a 1510D love it.
Exchanging Battery Tip: Fujitsu’s fancy lid lock stops you from pulling out the battery when the lid is closed. It only took me three or four exchanges before I figured that out. Suggestion: Open the lid to change the battery.

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