Video iPod Not Cutting It Yet?

So says some new research by Nielsen Media Research, and it says that audio is more popular than video, which is of course an obvious thing to figure out. Nielsen monitored a panel of 400 iPod users (which may be too small) in the U.S. from Oct. 1-27, and out of that, less than 1% of content items played by iPod users on either iTunes or the device itself were videos. Among video iPod users, that percentage barely improves, up to 2.2%.
Even measured by duration of consumption, where 30- or 60-minute TV shows might seem to have a built-in advantage over three-minute songs, video comprises just 2% of total time spent using iPods or iTunes among iPod owners. Video iPod users consume video 11% of the time.
The story says this: “The data could raise some profound questions about assumptions made regarding consumer behavior; specifically, whether mobile devices can truly encourage a mass audience to adopt mobile video consumption after generations of generally homebound, large-screen viewing habits.” I doubt it is so black and white by any means.


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