Transcend’s StoreJet OTG: 30 GB USB drive with OTG support

Storejet_otgIf a 30-gigabyte external USB hard-drive doesn’t grab you, how about adding a few extra features? Transcend’s StoreJet OTG does just that by adding hardware buttons, an OLED display screen and support for the USB OTG standard. OTG-compliance allows usage of the drive without a computer, as in directly to another portable device via USB. There’s a whole list of supported devices (PDF), many are digital cameras that can quickly require tons of external storage capacity.

The 128 x 64 color OLED screen quickly provides your options and shows the status of the device drive and battery. Using the directional pad, you can navigate through your file structure and modify the device settings. An internal lithium-ion battery provides up to 1.5 hours of continuous usage or 4.5 hours in standby; you can recharge the battery with the included power cord or via USB cable when connected to a computer. Transcend sells the StoreJet OTG for $231 direct, but some on-line sleuthing might save you some dough.


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