Fujitsu Stylistic ST5100 Tablet PCs: a pair of Core Duo Slates



Hubba, hubba: I heart these new Stylistic slate Tablet PCs from Fujitsu! We knew they were coming but the official announcement hit the street today. Here’s some of the highlights on the ST 5111 and ST 5112, both of which are Windows Vista Capable:

  • 10.4-inch XGA (ST 5111) or 12.1-inch (ST5112) indooroutdoor viewable display with active digitizer
  • Intel Core Duo ULV U2500 CPU at 1.2 GHz
  • Two DIMM slots for up to 4 GB of supported RAM
  • Intel 945 graphics chipset that shares up to 224 MB of memory
  • Integrated mic (ST5111) or dual-array mic (ST5112) with IntelliSonic noise and echo cancellation software
  • 5400 RPM hard drive with storage capacities of 40-, 60-, 80- or 100-GB
  • Integrated fingerprint reader, 802.11a/b/g, optional Bluetooth 2.0
  • Slots include PC Card, two USB, one FireWire, and wired Ethernet
  • Weight of 3.5 to 3.9 pounds, depending on battery
  • Standard battery life (56 W/hr) expected at 6 hours, extended battery (84 W/hr) expected at 9.

There’s plenty more in the specifications department, but you can check the product page. Expect to see prices in the early to mid-two-thousand range, depending on configuration, of course. Now wouldn’t it be nice to have one of these uber-slates for a review? I’ll just have to keep watching for the UPS or FedEx truck with my fingers crossed…. 

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