Eric Mack wants you to convince him to open your email

Productivity guru Eric Mack is one of the most efficient people I know, and his latest missive about email I find quite interesting.  Eric gets a lot of email and to remain productive he wants people who send him an email to sell him on the idea of reading the email by putting a descriptive (and catchy) subject line.  I am not that die-hard myself but I do find descriptive subject lines to be a big help and sometimes it is the difference of my reading an email right away or leaving it languishing long enough to begin suffering from “inbox rot”.  One thing I have been doing religiously for a while to make it easier on colleagues who receive a lot of mail is to try to put my whole email in the subject line followed by the designation “EOM” (end of message) to let them know this is the whole thing and they don’t need to open the email to see more.  It might go like this– “Pick you up at 8  EOM” so the recipient gets the message and can delete it with just a click.  Now that I know Eric’s secret it explains why he never answers my email.    (Just kididng, Eric.)


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