Complete and awesome Windows Mobile Crossbow review

When I first started reading about the next version of Windows Mobile, aka Crossbow, I have to admit I was saying to myself “where’s the beef?”.  That began to change quickly as I recently had the opportunity to see Crossbow (WM 6) for myself and got a tour of the “under the hood” changes that the Microsoft team has incorporated in this next version..  I’m really excited about Crossbow now that Mobile-review has published a thorough, in-depth review of Crossbow that details all the changes that are in the new OS. There are too many improvements that float my boat but no doubt my favorite is the ability to read emails in HTML format.  Yahoo!  No more cool email that I cannot view on my PPC.  I also love the fact that you can use handwriting in notes or even the audio recorder from within the Notes application.  Now you can take notes in ink while on a phone call and it will be attached to the event in the Call History!  Yowza!  Check out the complete review to see for yourself why I am getting pumped about Crossbow.

Crossbow Notes

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