Allegiance Technology Partners inks big healthcare deal!


I have stated often how impressed I am with Allegiance Technology Partners and what they bring to the Tablet PC space.  Owner John Hill is not only a nice guy but has pushed the envelope with innovative moves like the demo unit program he offers at ALLTP, and their customer support is top-notch.  John has embraced the Tablet PC as tightly as anyone in the industry and I am happy to announce they have inked a deal (get it?) with the Montgomery County Health Department in Norristown, Pennsylvania (my wife’s home state, BTW) to outfit all county health inspectors with Tablet PCs for field work.  The deal includes combining the Motion Tablet PCs with portable printers and Active Ink software for working with forms on the go.  Kudos to John Hill and ALLTP for continuing to demonstrate the benefits of the Tablet PC for mobile workers!  Full press release after the jump:

HORSHAM, PA (Nov. 21,  2006) — Allegiance Technology Partners (ALLTP), a solution provider specializing in tablet PCs, has been chosen by the Montgomery County Health Department in Norristown, PA to provide a total solution for health inspectors in the county. 

ALLTP will provide Motion tablet PCs, electronic forms software and portable printers for Montgomery County’s 23 health inspectors to use while checking restaurants for compliance with the county’s codes.

“Implementation of this solution will allow the county to inspect more facilities in less time and with greater accuracy, thereby creating a safer environment for the residents and guests of Montgomery County,” said John Hill, President, ALLTP.

The Motion LE1600 tablet PCs will be loaded with Active Ink, a software program purchased by the County as the platform for their health inspections.    The software application will allow the County to go paperless by creating  digital health  inspection forms for use on their Tablet PCs.

“We are thrilled to partner with ALLTP and the Montgomery County Health Department in helping them become paperless,” said Steve Hoffman, Vice President, Active Ink Software.  (   “We look forward to continuing this successful relationship.”
ALLTP delivers solutions for mobile professionals that replace desktops, laptops and pocket PCs with a single system.  The company offers a full range of hardware, software, accessories, training and services focused on helping their clients take advantage of the inking capability of Tablet PCs.  For more information, visit their website,

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