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Yahoo-Newspapers: More Details: Search, Local Listings Included; Co-Branded Online

Some more details about thre Yahoo-newspaper deal we’ve been writing about for the last couple of days. In addition to HotJobs, the other features iof the agreement with a seven-newspaper consortium include plans to:
— Use Yahoo’s “search monetization functionality” will used on newspaper sites, including search, downloads of the Yahoo toolbar and sponsored search.
— Use Yahool Local listings, Yahoo Maps and Yahoo Events will be on participating newspaper sites.
— Use the Yahoo network to distribute newspaper content via Yahoo Search, Yahoo News and other content verticals.
More on HotJobs:
— All of the newspaper online career sections will be powered by Yahoo HotJobs and co-branded by the two.
— “Advertisers will be able to use contextual, streaming and interactive media to engage candidates and can also leverage RSS feeds, job search agents, newsletters and job recommendation engine results.”
Not a lot of detail though about how this will be implemented — whether every paper in the chains will take part, the timetable, etc. Perhaps we’ll hear more later today;the publishers and Yahoo have scheduled a webcast at 1 p.m. eastern.
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