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Yahoo-Newspapers: Conference Call: Why Yahoo? Timelines, Plans, Etc.

Picking up again with the Yahoo-newspaper consortium call … can’t help wondering if there’s some formula to determine the likelihood of success based on how many different entities are involved in any given deal. The call was hosted by MediaNews Group CEO Dean Singleton and Hearst Newspapers CEO George Irish and featured the top three Yahoo execs involved along with top execs from the other publishers. There’s power in numbers; there’s also a lot more people to please. On the plus side, no one entity on the consortium side of this mix is so big that it should be able to pull out and undo the whole. From the call:
MembershipThis is not a closed consortium: Other newspapers are invited to join and some already are interested.
Timeline: Selling job listings on HotJobs comes first and will be immediate. Q1 for the HotJobs platform; Q2, Q3 for starting to add other elements.
Existing relationships: Lincoln Millstein, Hearst: “All of us have existing relationships potentially with other third parties … We’re committed to working with Yahoo first in these important categories in hopes of developing much more meaningful relationships

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  1. It seems like there are many of these "consortiums" coming together. I’ve read about a site called and one called I guess when things get competitive, its a good idea to leverage each others assets to the mutual benefit of all. We'll see if this new group has anything….honestly when you look at the caliber of the publishers Yahoo signed I am very surprised there are not bigger names. This seems like the middle and the bottom….certainly not the top at all. Shocking actually. Cmon Yahoo this is for real!