WinMo clamshell coming to Verizon


Pantech_pn820What’s this? A Windows Mobile clamshell coming to Verizon Wireless? That’s the thought behind the Pantech PN-820 shown here courtesy of Engadget Mobile; but will it really compete against current offerings made by HTC / UTStarcom in the meager Verizon Wireless lineup of smartphones? Worse yet: is this Verizon’s answer to the Cingular 3125 li’l flipper?

On the positive side, the PN-820 is 3G-enabled thanks to the EV-DO radio and is expected to have a QVGA internal screen as well as Bluetooth and the oh-so-standard (and getting old) 1.3-megapixel camera. No QWERTY keyboard and any potential dumbing-down of Bluetooth profiles (also standard and getting old) might make this clammy a hard sell. Looks to be the Smartphone edition of WinMo, so don’t plan for a touchscreen; besides, where would you put the stylus? Watch for full details and price coinciding with an expected late December release. Is it me or does that outside display look good for Windows SideShow functionality in Vista?

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