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P&G Launches Branded Space –

Exchange4media reports that Proctor & Gamble has launched the Indian edition of their branded portal for girls, Being Girl, promoting their hygiene brand for women Whisper.
It doesn’t seem to be a social networking space like HLL’s Sunsilk Gang of Girls, with no communities or forums – just polls, Q&A spaces among other features. I’m wondering why P&G even bothered…they’re targeting the same 14-19 age group which HLL did with GoG. In my opinion, what worked for GoG was that it allowed a space for a TG that didn’t have a space to call its own. Spaces like Orkut and Hi5 are dominated by the young adult age group, and GoG probably became a space that the younger lot could call their own. Massive advertising and promotions must have helped. P&G obviously didn’t want to do a me-too, but I don’t think they’ve innovated in any way with this portal. Anyway, its on the lines of P&G’s 27 other BeingGirl branded spaces! The site has games, tips and tricks, contests and freebies, but is an interactive portal that lacks the freedom of a social networking space. Incidentally, anyone noticed that the Sunsilk Gang of Girls advertisements on TV seem to targeting a young adult TG?
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