DomainTracker: Never forget to renew your domain name again

DomainTracker Logo Being in the web development business, I’ve got quite a few domain names to keep up with…over 30 to be a bit more precise. Over the years I’ve slowly been moving them to my registrar of choice, but there are still some floating around at various other places and you can bet that with 30+ domain names, I’ve got 30+ different expiration dates to keep up with. Sure, each registrar has their own notification system, but many times they’ll either get flagged as junk, or they’ll get sent to an email address I no longer use.


Enter DomainTracker. Icecold Software has created this handy app to help you keep up with 1 or 1,000 (and then some) domains. It’s packed with cool features.


We start off with the obvious Add Domain screen. All you have to do is type in your domain and press the dandy “?” icon and it will do it’s best to query the WHOIS database and auto-fill your info! I had no trouble with all of my domains, but was unable to auto-fill some big name domains like,, or (wait…ummm).


The next tab over is the Hosting tab that contains your domain’s nameserver info (also auto-filled).


The other two tabs (FTP and Notes) are ultimately there just to store information about your domains.


After dropping in all your domains, you’ve got yourself a nice listing with various options for ordering.

You’ll also notice on the left a folder icon as well as a smart folder icon. These are really more useful for folks who have quite a few domains to keep up with. Arguably the most useful way to use the smart folder feature is to group upcoming expiring domains.

iCal Syncing

One other thing you might have missed is the little message in the lower left corner that mentions iCal syncing. Yep, DomainTracker will automatically create a new iCal category of dates when your domains expire to help you keep on top of things! This really is one of my favorite features. I’ve given each domain expiration date an alarm to remind me to renew them just in case I miss the email from my registrar.

Domain Research

In addition to helping you keep up with your current domains, it’s got a killer feature to help you find new domains.


Just drop in some keywords you’d like the domain to have and specify a few options and you’ll quickly be given a list of possible domain names.


This is a fantastic way to find a cool domain name without having to tediously check one domain at a time to see if it’s available.

In Closing

I recommend this application to anybody who has got a few domains to keep up with. I can’t really say it’d be all that useful for someone with one or two domain names, but it’s certainly useful if you’ve got more than that.

It’s got a price tag of of $24.95 and can be purchased from the Icecold store.



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