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PlayStation3, Wii or XBox 360?

So we have all three next generation gaming consoles on the market… which one do you think is a good buy, not just from gaming perspective, but also as a home entertainment device.

73 Responses to “PlayStation3, Wii or XBox 360?”

  1. ky--ice--

    Hey guys, don’t be badmouthing the other systems. All that ‘The PS3 sucks, Wii rules’ kinda thing is called ‘bad sportsmenship’ or ‘bad gammership.’ Sure, leave you opinions(The Wii has (Insert gain here), but the PS3 has a few bugs, such as the(insert problem here), or vise versa) but for god’s sakes stop being so loseristic. THIS IS A DEBATE.

    I, personally, Think I will get a XBOX 360, and see if my dad will by me a Wii (Though I doubt it). From what I hear, The Wii has the funnest interface, the 360 goes for games at the moment (as well as graphics, bearly surpassed by the PS3), while the PS3 may be better later on.

  2. Wii is hot now but soon people will get bored with it. You wanna stay in the old generation? playing a ps2/xbox game with a motion sensor control for the next 5 years? with crappy graphics

    I think PS3 just needs some time to wait for all the good games to come out. By that time, people will realize how good the PS3 is and Wii is just an old generation console.


    i have about 6 words in a long sequence. WII WILL WII WILL ROCK YOU!!!!! AGAIN!!!!!! WII WILL WII WILL ROCK YOU, AND ONE LAST THING, WII WILL WII WILL ROCK U SOCK U PICK U UP AND DROP U, THROW DA PS3 IN DA TOILET HOPE SONY ENJOYS IT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  4. the wii has better graphics than ps3 does with a 150 dollar tv compaired to ps3 with a hdtv becasue nintnedo came out with upgrade for ati hollywood chip called the atlip witch harnesses power 5 times greater than ps3. I have tyhis chip and its free. All wii come with it its hidden in back compartment of ur wii.

  5. that sucks but atleast it shows nintendo wii isnt a piece of crap, if it was the remote would have been destroyed on impact. Im saying this becasue i always feard once i get it one of my friends would drop the remote or swing to hard and hit something which would result in breaking a expensive piece of equitment.

  6. I have never been a “gamer.” The last system I owned was an Atari. I never even considered buying either of the three systems until I played my brother’s Wii. He bought it to make a profit on eBay, but ended up opening and playing it. My girlfriend and I were invited over to play and fell in love with it. We played Tennis and Bowling for six hours and decided that we must by one. We were all literally sore for three days after playing. I think the Wii technology is revololutionalry and has many applications that will improve our culture’s social, physical and communication abilities. It will be really cool when I will be able to play tennis on the Wii over the internet against my cousin in Switzerland! I have an evite to a Christmas party next week where the hosts are taking signups for a bowling tournament. What other gaming system can you pull that off with? With all the love I have for the Wii, the system managed to ruin our family’s Thanksgiving. After dinner the entire family played Tennis against each other. Everybody was having fun and enjoying the system until my two-year-old godson was popped in the head while his uncle was swinging the “racket” very hard. He hit the floor and started bleeding. His parents thought it was a good idea to take him home. It was such a buzz kill, that everyone else left as well…”game over!”

  7. i personaly think that the wii would have to be the best for me. Even though i am a serious gamer and a true fan of the playstation series, next generation graphics dont intrest me enough to spend as much as 600 dollars. Even if it was around the price of thw wii which is at 250 i would still be leaning over to nintendo becasue it’s something new and diffrent. A true gamer will always explore the gaming world and try new things. After all it cant be as much fun by pressing plastic buttons than acually swinging a sword or aiming.

  8. Justin Kirk

    I bought the xbox360 after a year it came out on wholesale value at Cosco which is like a palce where everything comes in large amounts and is a decent price like for buisnesses. Well I saw it and it was 471.95 and it came with the 400$ console an extra controller a game, (PGR3) and a charging station. It was a great deal. I have played the Wii and ps3. The wii is the best console i have ever seen graphics aww fuck it. Ps3 great graphics not worth the price. XBox360-UNBEATABLE started first will end first!

  9. I call myself Traitor. Why? Because I have “betrayed” SONY.. =) Figuratively speaking of course. For years I was Playstation fan. I had PS, PSP, PS2 and PS3 now has come out. And I think that actually PS3 release made me “betray” Sony. Its about time for me to upgrade my game console to the next generation one and I can’t pick PS3. At least not just yet. Very few games are out. Very hard even to get one. Would I get it right now if it was widely available, like XBox in the stores? I think I wouldn’t get PS3, not just yet. I am going to wait for at least 6 monthes to see how things are going and maybe even to let price go down a bit.

    I am thinking about XBox 360 for now. And more I think about it and read the more I want 360, at least untill next year when FFXIII or MGS4 comes out. Then I will probably sell XBox because by that time all the XBox 360 games will be available for PS3. But this whole PS3 thing is still doubtable. Microsoft just released HD-DVD player for X360. PS3 has a blue-ray which many people don’t vote for due to fewer movies available in that format, questionable quality distribution of blue-ray format.. etc.

    So I say yes to Xbox 360 for now. And Gears of War of course makes my decision even easier. Gears of War is what everyone wants to play these days. Can’t say no to that. Game is pretty spectacular. There is too much of negative about PS3. Even though all the hype and can’t really get one, but if you sleep on it – PS3 needs at least 6-8 monthes for a head start. THEN, maybe, it will be worth buying.

    Oh and what is that thing about force feedback is not available on new PS3 controller? If its really true, I may put down a thought of buying PS3 for even longer.

  10. D. Advocate

    I have been holding off on buying a system until these three systems were released, and I have finally decided to get the xbox 360.

    The Wii wins for the fun factor, but the graphics are not quite up to par as the PS3 or Xbox 360. This was to be expected, but I will probably pick one of these up later on because it is very fun to play.

    The Sony PS3. Sorry, but I can’t justify the price for what you get. I’m sure many have read and seen the side by side comparison between the 360 and PS3, and in some cases the xbox 360 actually looks better! Do a search on google or youtube to see the videos and decide for yourself. Many thought the PS3 would be a hands down winner since they had a whole extra year to come up with something better then the 360, but that is certainly not the case. On top of that there is the widely reported problem of the PS3 not being able to play over 200 games, and recently some people who have tried to turn on their brand spanking new units were greeted with “the red light of death”.. meaning it must be sent out for repair.

    Right now there are many holiday bundles available for the xbox 360. The one I am buying has Ghost Recon: Advanced Warfighter, and Gears of War included for free. These are two top games that normally sell for $60 each.

    To get the same thing with the PS3 would cost almost $300 more. Sony’s mistake was to force people to get their new blu ray player during the middle of a format war with no clear winner. And on top of that most people don’t have a TV that will be able to take advantage of this format, and most importantly games are not being released in the higher resolution anyways, and wont be for some time.

  11. All three it is for me, I have a 360 mainly for Call of Duty 3 and Gears of War running on my 46″ Sony HDTV. I bought a PS3 mainly because of Blu-Ray (have to say games so far look better on 360 and the absence of rumble really gets to me) and also waited for 3h for Nintendo Wii launch. My g/f which hates the 360 and PS3 absolutely loves the sports games and even though I personally wasn’t impressed with Zelda I absolutely can’t put down Red Cell :)

    I think each one has its purpose, if you can afford and find buy all 3. Microcenter is giving $100 rebate of 360s and Amazon will sell on BlackFriday Core 360 for $100 – now this is something you can’t beat!

  12. What I think about Wii:
    Wii will be a percect arcade console and a great fun for friends and family. BUT it is a social console – using the controller makes only sense when playing with friends etc. I cant imagine that people will move phsysically when playing alone. Thats why those who love console games in single player mode will always stick to the ps3 / xbox (and thats a lot of people)

    just my 2 cents…

  13. As a home entertainment device the xbox360-media center edition combo is nice. I use it a lot. But the xbox360 makes too much noise.

    Also planning to buy a nintendo wii, for the family

    the ps3 looks nice, wont come here till march 20007 :( but if I get it it would be to use as a MythTV front end.

  14. I’m not a big gamer, the last console I bought was the PS1, and I just picked up a wii this morning and I have not been able to put the thing down. The motion controlled remote is trully revolutionary. Noted, the Wii doesn’t have the graphics capabilities and the horsepower to match the xbox 360 or the ps3, but man is it fun. My wife has been playing all day with me and absolutely loves it too.

  15. I would agree with Jimmy Gambier in that the Wii and Xbox 360 combination, aka Wii60, would be the best. The combination covers a wonderful selection of classic game titles to begin with and both have plenty more to come. Xbox 360’s Live service is second to none and I am excited to see how well the Wii integrates with Opera to provide a browsing environment. To be honest though, there are only two things stopping me from suggesting a Wii-only game setup. First is the fact that the Wii does not include DVD support yet. Second is that I am a Halo saga fan. The cost and lack of games that interest me are what keeps me away from purchasing a PS3.

  16. Let’s recap:

    Gears of War makes it worth the purchase of a 360 alone. MS is near break even and Halo 3 isn’t even out yet. Combine that with the recent convergence of media on the 360, along with Xbox Live and you got yourself a winner.

    Once the initial fanfare dies off, the PS3 will be a tough sell for most. I have a feeling a lot of people were out to make a profit this weekend.

    The Wii is cheap, appeals to just about everyone, including gamers for Zelda alone, and doesn’t seem to have as many issues is production.

    I think a Wii + 360 combo makes the most sense.

  17. i was definately first in line to make fun of the wii for the past year when i found out about the dumb controller, but of course i found myself outside of the store at 3pm waiting for the wii at midnight, i played it that night and it was one of the most satisfying gaming experiences of my life. but it just doesnt have the power that my 360 does, gears of war is definately the scale tipper this year setting the new standard for all systems.
    playstation what? six hundred what? dont think so

  18. Personally, I’d go with the 360 if you want a better overall experience, including Home Entertainment.

    Although, I’ll probably be picking up a Wii myself just because I love their games coupled with the new nunchuck control. I gotta try it!

  19. My wife won’t let me bring a video game console into the house. She gave me some bullshit excuse like “you will play it all the time and forget about me.” This is obviously true, but I still don’t like it.

  20. Glen Carner

    Come on Om. One of the most powerful machines you can buy, Yellow Dog Linux, homebrew support, the best in games, and blu-ray for $600? Combine that with my web 2.0 apps and I am able to manage my online businesses and waste my life playing Resistance: Fall of Man all at the same time. Truly the PS3 is the ultimate in convergence devices and with great fan dedication and support, I look forward to you eating your words on the collapse of the PS3.

  21. I think the PS3 has a built-in advantage because of the bluray and card reader.

    However, I think the 360 is better both as a gaming system and as a home entertainment device, since you can stream pictures, audio, and video to it from a windows MCE/vista machine.

    Games-wise, I think the 360 also has the upper hand, largely because it’s easier to develop for (MS is known for their excellent development tools, sony is known for the opposite) and because it has a 1 year jump on game development. It will take at least another generation or two before PS3 games start looking as beautiful as Gears of War, and by then Halo 3 will be out..

  22. PS3 for me, well because most of the game I’ll be playing will be on PS3.

    But I still think that gaming consoles should stick to gaming and not to try to become something like a ‘media center’. Then again it might just be me.

  23. It’s Wii for me, although I’ll be waiting until after-launch shipments. I just checked a couple of east bay stores (Best Buy in Emeryville and Target in Albany), and both are sold out.

    In each store there were at least six people asking about Wii, wondering when more would be available. Interest in the PlayStation 3, however, was non-existent.

    This round of console wars will be interesting. The incumbent looks to be in trouble.