Making the perfect case for the Samsung Q1


Every time you get a new toy the quest for the perfect case to carry it around in becomes a very serious one.  Reader Eddie Whetzel had been on such a quest since he got a Samsung Q1 and he finally came up with an elegant and simple solution. Eddie picked up a Day-Timer organizer and with a little work has created a pretty cool solution that looks like it would work nicely.  He has written detailed instructions with lots of photos so take a look at Eddie’s handiwork and see if it would work for your Q1.  Nice job, Eddie!

Eddie case


Chris Magnusson

Something I’ve always wondered is why no-one makes sleeve inserts for binders. Something like the “piece of stiff plastic that was on top of the piles of paper in the binder” only with an insert to accept a given device. I’m somewhat adverse to sticking Velcro (or any other material) to my gear.

Kelvin Yong

That is one cool project… I had thought about using that method for my “coming-soon” UMPC from Hugo. However I’m a bit concern for the ring-binder part as it looks like it might touch/scratch the top part of the UMPC.

I’m waiting for my EO i7210 to come, so hopefully the size is smaller and if so, I’ll use the similar method as this to carry EO i7210 around, and add the Vodafone’s Vodem and using USB cable to link it up so I can get HSDPA connection in the city.

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