EV-DO and the Fujitsu P1610


I am sitting in a coffee shop not far from my house, getting a little work done in relative peace and quiet.  This particular coffee house does not offer WiFi (boo hiss) so I am using the Fujitsu P1610 with the Verizon EV-DO PC Card. Does it rock having an integrated keyboard (however small) and a PC Card slot for EV-DO speed?  You tell me:

P1610 and EVDO



Thanks James. I figured you might be able to eliminate the need for the Card since you can tether, but I assume the card is still faster. On the 1610, thanks, I am sure you will keep us posted. To me, I still think the idea of the Q! or similiar is great. But as you always say, its really up to what your personal use will be. I have never seen the Q1 in person so I am trying to figure out if the screen is sufficent for serious note taking. I would much rather something smaller like the Q1 but not sure. Today I plan to cut out some paper the same size as the screen on the Q1 and give it a bit of a test.


Scott, I do have two data plans as you mentioned. It was unavoidable with the Q1 as I needed to tether to the phone.

It is too early to tell how the 1610 will fare in the long run.


Hey James,

I dont have EVDO (still have tmobile), just curious do you have the verizon card And tether when not using the card? DOesnt this mean you pay for the internet service twice each month? From the looks of this post it appears you are starting to favor the 1610 over Sammy?? I know its too early to tell but as you know many of us look to what you favor.

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