Vista’s final release is going on the Samsung Q1, for now


Vista_desktop_basic_2I asked you where to put it (Vista, that is) and you responded. Thanks for the great insights; since you spent the time providing me your ideas, I figured I’ll share my decision. The final Vista production release license is going on my Samsung Q1 UMPC…for now. A comment from James T. solidified the decision, although I was leaning in this direction anyway. James is correct in that you can install Vista without the product key and use it for a short amount of time. I’ll have to check on the actual time limit; after that deadline, the OS won’t work unless the product key is entered.

I do use my Windows Media Center desktop for many "power hungry" apps so that was a close second. In the end, Vista may end up that desktop simply because that machine will benefit the most from the many Vista features. However, I like to finish what I started….I provided a few updates and a video of the Vista beta on the UMPC, which generated many e-mails and questions on the steps. In case you missed these, here there are:

I figure if I have a week or two to get Vista up and running on the Q1, I owe it to all of the Q1 owners that are considering a Vista install. So I’ve completely wiped Sammy’s XP partition and I’ve done a clean Vista install. I still have my AV Station partition and if worse comes to worse, I can factory restore Sammy. I’m hoping that I’ll see some updated drivers (and therefore less workarounds) and in the end you’ll see my complete step-by-step process in case you decide to follow it. Once that’s done and I’ve got the post up, I’ll reconsider the final resting place for Vista in my environment. Thanks again for the comments and stay tuned for the list of steps!



I’m looking forward to seeing your Q1 Step by Step guide or walkthrough to Vista. I’m going through the same process myself. However, cant get the resolution switcher to work.


Kevin, I love when people save me time!
I’m waiting for your Step by Step. I should buy Vista next week when it becomes available for businesses.

Colin Walker


You get 14 days before Vista bombs out on you. That’s what I’ve done with my copy – dual boot it on my XP PC for now. The CD key will be available before it dies so I’ll have some decisions to make ;)

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