Target, Disney in DVD truce; Controversy Over iTunes Movie Downloads Pricing

Hopefully Wal-Mart and others will also see the light of the day after this…U.S. retailer Target and Walt Disney have reached an uneasy truce in their standoff over terms of DVD pricing and retailing through the stores, reports LAT. (Originally, story came out here.)
In September, Target fired off a letter to Disney demanding the same low wholesale prices on DVDs that Apple is paying Disney to offer movie downloads over iTunes. At the time, Target threatened to cut back on its efforts to sell Disney’s DVDs…Disney countered that DVD buyers get lots more: an actual disc packed with commentary, deleted scenes, trailers and other extras. Disney charges conventional retailers about $16 for new DVD releases, between $1 and $2 more than Apple pays.
Shortly after sending its letter, Target ordered its stores to take down a multitude of internal signs steering customers to Disney products. Target also bumped an end-of-aisle display of Disney DVDs to a less favorable location…that is gone, at least for now.WSJ: After learning of Target’s move to cut back on some promotions, Disney fired back. It told Target that it wouldn’t ship copies of the coming DVD of summer blockbuster “Pirates of the Caribbean: Dead Man’s Chest” to Target stores and wouldn’t deliver reorders of its animated hit “Cars.”