QVGA video of the FlyBook review now available


Flybook_9Sorry for the delay, but if you passed on our 216 MB video review of the FlyBook, we do have a 95 MB QVGA version available for you now. Think of it as one quarter of the screen size and storage space but with double the pleasure and panache. Or just download it because you put off the VGA download; we don’t care. ;) Look at it this way: my ugly mug is only 1/4th the size….just like the little picture here. Oh, we’re just soooooo clever…..



Hey, Kev, great review!

Ive actually owned a flybook now for about 2 years. And I must say that I love the little guy, even though he is starting to look a bit beat up.

I also really love the mouse on this device. I actually never saw you hold it like i usually do. I hold it alot like one holds the oqo and press the buttons with my thumbs. This is a very stable way to hold the laptop while walking around.

Wow, i didnt know about all the spec upgrades tho. The new video card looks like a welcome change as well as up to one gig of ram. Ive tried sticking a gig stick in mine, but the older flybooks dont like that…

Another thing that I love about the flybook is that it is a very sturdy laptop. I figured that the swivel would wear out, but so far it still works great. Also, this laptop has servived an amazing amount of drops, though one drop did fry the hardrive, since it was spinning at the time. Another time, I droped it while it was in the case (mine is thinner and made out of a stretchy rubbery material) from about 3 feet directly on its left edge. After a couple tense moments, i descovered that the hardrive connection had come undone. But i was able to push it back into place just fine.

I do have a couple questions about the extended battery. Can you get it in red? Also, could we maybe see a picture of how it fits with the screen closed?

Anyway, great review….

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