UMG Sues MySpace Claiming Copyright Infringement: News Corp. Unit Says In Compliance


Universal Music Group continues to play hard ball in the digital realm … With negotiations at a standstill today the Vivendi subsidiary filed suit in federal court claiming News Corp.’s MySpace is allowing — and facilitating illegal uploads that breach UMG’s copyright. UMG sued user-gen sites and last month but this is different. As the WSJ reports, the two companies were negotiating and the recently announced MySpace-Gracenote test to catch copyright infringement, was meant to be the last hurdle before reaching a licensing agreement. But UMG reportedly wanted to be paid for previous use — not just going forward — and that was a bridge too far for News Corp, which would be setting a very costly precedent. UMG then filed suit in U.S. District Court (Central District) in Cailfornia. (Update: the text of the full lawsuit is here)
In a rapidly issued statement, MySpace said the company “has been keeping UMG closely apprised of our industry-leading efforts to protect creators’ rights, and it



How does UMG know if it was the artist who posted their own work on myspace? Are the artists allowed to post their work without UMG's permission?


If I remember correctly, the gold standard for protections of copyrighted works is 100% compliance (9th Circuit Court, Napster). Meaning no leakage in the system. I'd be pretty shocked if that's where Myspace is operating today. So what exactly is their gold standard?

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