Susan Decker’s Rising Star At Yahoo

We have hinted at the groundwork being laid for possible high level changes at Yahoo, including COO Dan Rosensweig, who controls product development, marketing, all business units and ad sales, and if the things goes further south than what they are for Yahoo, then even CEO Terry Semel.
Forbes also picks up on this thread, and profiles Susan Decker, Yahoo CFO, whose profiling is rising within the company. In September she was put in charge of new hire Hilary Schneider, who was appointed senior VP of Marketplaces, a new business unit (a story we broke here), and this could lead to more such management responsibilities within the company.
This explains how the chips might fall in coming months at Yahoo: “Top management claim to have a plan for turning the rest of the company around as well but have been similarly short on specifics. The coming months will test the team’s ability to keep its word. If it does, count on Decker’s contribution to push her star even higher.”