Mobile Orb? Barely


Orb has announced a new free service called MyCasting that would give mobile users access to online video from YouTube, Google Video, Guba, and Daily Motion.

That’s right, mobile video can be yours if 1) your phone has a browser and media player 2) you have a Windows PC with the Orb software on and net connected when you are gone and 3) pick out ahead of time which video you want to watch.

Pick out the videos I want to watch ahead of time? That doesn’t sound very fun. Of course you can add video RSS feeds and Orb will go through and squeeze them down for optimal mobile viewing but you won’t be able to open up that video link you spontaneously found on Digg from your phone.

Orb’s MyCasting service will work for the time being but in the future I don’t want to dedicate my computer to my mobile viewing needs. When can I just click a link and watch the video on my phone just like on the regular web right now? That is when mobile video will really explode.

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