More Yahoo Start-Up Deals: Swedish Mobile KenetWorks, Yes; Social Media Network MyBlogLog?

Update: Rafat adds: On MyBlogLog, as Staci very carefully reported below, there is no deal. CEO Scott Rafer issued a non-denial denial to me in an e-mail…that should settle it for now.
First was news that was being acquired. Then GigaOm reported that Yahoo already has acquired Swedish mobile company Kenet Works, which Yahoo has confirmed. At the same time, there’s a buzz binge over a Valleywag 2.0 report that Yahoo has picked up social media start-up MyBlogLog in a hastily arranged deal reported to be for about $10 million. What could be worth that amount to Yahoo? The company was founded by IGN alumn Eric Marcoullier and cloudspace CEO Todd Sampson; CEO is Scott Rafer, formerly of Feedster. (TechCrunch profile here.) Yahoo’s official response is the usual no comment on speculation. No sense that an announcement is imminent but you never know.
Update 2: Yahoo’s official reply to us Friday re MyBlogLog: “Today Yahoo! announced the acquisition of Bix. We have not announced an agreement to acquire any other companies at this time. We do not respond to specific rumors or speculation in the market.