Can Todoz do everything?


todozTodoz is a packed online data management system that is filled with tools that could be beneficial for businesses to get organized, share, and collaborate information. It is a potpurri of features ranging from one extreme – online scheduling – to the other such as file storage and sharing, content management and even email.

Todoz is new entrant in a relatively crowded marketplace, dominated by the likes of 37Signals, Zoho Office, and Google. On various features it competes with dozens of little companies. We are trying out their free 30 day trial.

The sheer number of features is overwhelming, though one wonders if they are really trying to justify their $29.95 a month (for five users) price point. There are other more expensive plans that the company offers.

Despite the nice feature set, and clean interface, one has to point out that some of the more popular and successful online applications have stuck to doing a few things really well. We will update the review later, but we should point out that we are big fans of Basecamp and the whole range of 37 Signals setup, Google Calendar and Docs.

For online storage and sharing, the free Xdrive works best for us. It is simple, clean and effective. We are not quite sure, if we want to jettison our favorites for the Todoz application suite just yet.

Check out a screenshot from the Todoz after the jump…

Todoz online desktop.




I can’t help noticing the similarity between their logo and MS Office…as well as the potential Accel/Excel confusion.

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