Voice Command 1.6 for WM 5 available


Microsoft_voice_commandI noticed a report yesterday over at Brighthand indicating that Microsoft Voice Command might be getting an upgrade from v1.5 and sure enough with a little digging, it looks like the rumor is fact. Microsoft’s Voice Command page doesn’t speak about the upgrade, but does link to Handango, where you can purchase the application. Sure enough: Handango’s product page has a link for Voice Command 1.6 as of yesterday.

Two new features look exceptional in this release of the $40 Windows Mobile application:

  • Bluetooth hands-free control
  • Spoken e-mail notifications: the sender and subject are announced

You’ll need your ActiveSync client running at version 4.0 or better and according to the product page, the following smartphones are supported: BenQ P51, Cingular 8125 (5.0), Asus MyPal A636 (5.0), Asus MyPal A639 (5.0), Audiovox PPC 6700 (5.0), Dell Axim X51 (5.0), Acer n311 (5.0), Cingular 8525

If you’ve got time for a 60-second video demonstration of Microsoft Voice Command (1.5), we put one together back in March of this year. As a Windows Mobile smartphone owner, I’ve personally found this application is one of the biggest productivity boosters on my device.


Jack Brannelly

“particularly the text to speech for text messages” – I didn’t know MSVC 1.6 had this feature, how do you use it?

Frank McPherson

I’ve bought VC 1.6 and installed on my Cingular 8125, and I am torn. I like the product, particularly the text to speech for text messages, BUT I am finding that the 8125 is taking a big hit on performance no matter how much else I shut down. VC takes 3 MB of program memory and is the largest program running, but I think the 200 Mhz processor is just not up to the task.

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