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The Hype Called Clickstar

It would be one thing if the hype was there among the consumers, but this is just purely among Hollywood insiders, and even that, limited. This Clickstar drum has been playing for a couple of years, and it stil hasn’t gone anywhere substantial, a full page USA Today story notwithstanding. Dabby DeVito will do this, James Cameron will do that, etc…that’s what we’ve been hearing for awhile now. The company has already burned through one CEO, even before its destination site ( has launched.
The story is more a non-critical infomercial for the online movie delivery company and its partner and investor Intel, than anything else.
One half-decent movie release doesn’t maketh a service…spare me.

3 Responses to “The Hype Called Clickstar”

  1. peter cawthorne

    So what happened to clickstar? I signed up for the email newsletter, got one reply and then that's it. Nothing. I can't even find out where or how to subscribe to this or watch any movies. Personally, I think this is a great idea, to be able to see movies and documentaries of the calibre promised, but at least have the courtesy to follow up with interested customers.

  2. I don't believe this is purely hype – we all know the state of current movie download services and in Clickstar, I see someone, with the help of Hollywood heavyweights, trying to deliver an experience that is not available via the current services, and more importantly, expected by people/customers today. Also, one of clickstar's main premise is to make buying easier than pirating. This is a noble intention and I hope it works out.

  3. I agree. When studios are ready to really get into online distribution, they will supply the content and marketing dollars necessary to get it moving. Until then, why force the issue? What is the value in demonstrating that indie filmmakers can reach a broader audience using online distribution? Also, are Danny DeVito and James Cameron proving anything or are they just pulling us into their personal battles with the studios?