Something is coming!


Mobile Tech Manor will be humming shortly:


Stay tuned…


Ross Wirth

Your package has been delivered.
11/16/2006 9:51 A.M. DELIVERY

Oh yea!! I was so excited to see that, I jumped an earlier flight. I’m in the cab now (ya for Power Vision network)… unfortunatly traffic sucks. I will post unboxing photos tonight…

Here’s a hint, zune schmoon, this baby was directly shipped from the Far East…

Stu Gisburne

If it is a Zune, tell us what you think of it. I just got a black one. Not that I needed it. I am a total gadget freek and wanted to see for myself what it has to offer.

Tax Man (aka Bill)

Not buying it KCT…I am sure that you know EXACTLY where your Q1 is. Now, maybe you’ve misplaced a dog, a kid, or a wife, but not your Q1! :)

Kevin C. Tofel

Hey James, I was going to send you some books and I sent the box out a few days ago. Funny thing is: I can’t find Sammy since then….have you seen him?

Ross Wirth

I know what it is….
Mine’s out for delivery too (in Chicago), also not scheduled for delivery until tomorrow.
Fortunately I don’t land until later tonight at ORD…

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