Real Girls Media Network Gets $6 Million Funding

We mentioned about the partial funding before: Real Girls Media Network, an SF-based women’s content and social networking startup founded by Kate Everett-Thorp, a WaldenVC venture partner and former president of marketing agency AKQA, has received $6 million in first round funding. The round was led by 3i and WaldenVC., the first of the sites that will make up the Real Girls Media Network, will debut in January. DivineCaroline is targeted toward women ages 25-54. Two others–one aimed at teenage girls, the other at women 18-25–will launch later next year.
As MediaPost describes it, DivineCaroline will allow women to submit articles, product reviews and related photos using an online publishing system developed for the site and intended to streamline the editorial process.
WaldenVC also has investment in Glam Media, focused on shopping and fashion.
Some more details about the funding here in the release.