New high-capacity 2.5-inch drives from Samsung


Samsung_m80_drive Hot on the heels of Hitachi, Samsung is upping the ante in the 2.5-inch hard drive sector. Like Hitachi, Samsung will be using perpendicular magnetic recording (PMR) technology which increases potential storage capacity by a magnitude of 10. In a press release earlier this week, Samsung indicates the new M80 series of drives will be available in 80-, 120- and 160-GB capacities for mobile computing devices.

Eight megabytes of on-board cache, a 5200 RPM spindle speed and optional free-fall shock sensors complete the package. I’ll ask the same question I asked when Hitachi unveiled a similar offering: "Samsung: any thought to moving away from the 1.8-inch drives and finding way to squeeze a 2.5-incher in the next UMPC model"?

(via Laptoping)

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