Lilt: MacBook control via motion gestures

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Since we actually DO have readers that run Mac (thanks for chiming in!), I suppose it wouldn’t hurt for a little Macintosh mobile tech every now and again. Once I scrape up enough for that Core 2 Due Mac Book, I’d bet you’ll see more Mac info here as well.

So I hear there’s this "Sudden Motion Sensor" in the Mac Book line which is a safety feature for "your precious". Turns out, that you can programmatically use that sensor as well as the ambient light sensor, and that’s just what someone did with Lilt. Lilt allows you to assign functional shortcuts to different motions as read by the Sudden Motion Sensor. If you want to increase your sound, for example, you could just tilt your notebook back by 30-degrees instead of mousing around. Looks pretty interesting and it’s free until the end of the month, after which it rises to a five-spot. One more thing: let’s not be programming any obscene gestures in Lilt, OK? ;)

(via TUAW and SlashGear)

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After many years of using Windows machines, the latest improvements to the Apple line resulted in my buying a Macbook. I couldn’t be happier. Dual booting means that I can still use a couple of Windows programs that I can’t live without, but most of my other old favorites have been dropped in favor of Mac applications. I find that I am prefering OSX but I will always still use Windows as well. Having both on one machines is perfect.

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